Arthur Cohen

L'éveil, 2022

Arthur Cohen’s practice encompasses weaving, performance and scenography.
He defines his work as ‘an ecosystem sculpted by the entanglement of research into fiction, somewhere between theatre, wearable and visual art.

Throughout his weavings, Arthur explores the relationship between staticity
and movement, where the shapes and rhythms of the works become a sort of choreography of matter that collaborate, attract or repel each other.
The works often display contrasted elements such as natural fibers like linen, or cotton, mixed with man made matter such as aluminium or copper wire creating a fortuitous encounter between traditional technique and manufactured products.

The interest in movement not only translates Cohens’s exploration of the ‘in-between’ space that lies within contemporary identities’ formation, but also stands up for his performative work. The design of weaved garments and elements of scenography becomes a way to activate the textile craft, unveiling the hybrid profile of the artist himself. From weaving tapestries to designing garments and stages, and from auto- ethnographic research to fiction; Cohen’s practice exists with a perpetual sense of movement and mutability.

Through connecting ancestral technique to contemporary perspectives and projecting his craft in-between spheres of creation, Cohen offers us an insight into a place where materials, techniques and cultures form a hybrid experience.