Purdey Fitzherbert

Bleached Sepia and Burnt Sienna Tones, 2021

Fitzherbert’s work is made from hung, heavily layered, fragile paper, combing the alchemy of pigments, metals and salts. They explore concepts including destruction, erosion, and imperfection.

Through rigorous tactile and alchemical processes, Fitzherbert forces her work to undergo transformation, flux, and decay in the search for healing and solace.
Her mixed-media works incorporate papers salvaged from demolition sites or torn from graffitied walls, combined with pigments, inks, dyes and metals and found objects.

For Fitzherbert the process of creation is paramount. She stresses the importance of the rituals surrounding traditional crafts techniques, fusing deliberateness and purpose with the unexpected chemistry of her painting process. The resulting layered surfaces reference life’s transience and the melancholic beauty of the ageing process.